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'I believe performance is the only political power, the only revolutionary power, the only power to free humankind from all repression'. 

                                                                   Joseph Beuys

To Hunt a Feast

Performance, Animation, Sculpture, Sound, Installation

The Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow, CCA

Performers: Enya Zia Fortuna & Christopher Croucher
Curator: Man Li

Co-Choreographer: Sharon Watson
Graphic Designer: Aoife Power
Costume Designer: Muireann Doyle     

Photographers: Wei Zhang & Siyao Li

This event is part of the M.Litt Curatorial Practice

 Graduate Degree Show, a Master’s programme delivered by

The Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow.

The event is supported by The Glasgow School of Art

 Sustainability Fund

Performance, Sculpture, Video, Sound, Installation

The Glasgow School of Art Masters Degree Show 2016

Co Performer: Skaiste Klanutie

Sound Composition: Blair Coron

Photographed by: Aoife Power

The River is a Swamp and

we are up to our Necks 

A Pink Capital; Rome meets Glasgow

Live  Performance, Sculpture, Glass Vessel, Water

Talent Awards 2016, collaboration between The Glasgow School of Art and Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, 

Marco Tesstacio Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy

Curated by Chiara Caramazza & Francesca Lilli

Photographer: Katy Hundertmark



Live Performance,Installation,Piano

The Glasgow School of Art Curatorial Masters  Show 2016

Curated by: Skaiste Klantuie

Music Compostion: Blair Coron

The Art School, Glasgow, United Kindgdom

I Dreamed of you so Much 

Performance, Installation, Video, Glass, Wood, Water, Ice

In context with group show Oscillate me Widely,

The Whisky Bond, Sculpture Studios,

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Photographer: Niamh Coughlan

The Pace between Your Hands

and My Breath

Live Performance, Sound, Ice

GSA Sculpture Open Studios 2016,

The Glasgow School of Art,

Tontine, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Collaboration with Katherine Ka Yi Liu

Photographer: Jacqueline Matisse


Live Performance, video, metal sculpture, glass, yellow pigmented liquid

Curatorial Project Space, Tontine, 

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Curated by Skaiste Klaniute

Resist To Follow Where

The Good Half Wanders

Live Performance, Metal Sculptures, Sound

House for an Art Lover, Studio Pavilion,

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Collaboration with  performers fromThe Royal Conservatoire

Curated by Aoife Power 

Costume Design: Muireann Doyle

Photographer: Ryan Rivers

Supported by The Cork Institute  of Technology, Development Bursary

The Private Collection

Live Performance, sound, glass, blue pigment liquid 

The Scottish Museum of Modern Art,

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Photographer: Lily McLeod

When the Mothership

Calls you Home

Live Performance, metal sculpture, glass, satin fabric

House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, United Kingdom 

Photographer:Jacqueline Matisse

Spit, Spit, Scrub, Scrub

In accordance with Amanda Coogans

I’ll Sing you a Song from Around the Town

Live Durational Performance, 5 hours, 5 days 

Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, Ireland

Photographer: Dan Rodgers

When White Egrets Spawn

Live durtational performance, 5days, 2hours daily, metal 5ft sculpture  slide, 3 tonnes of rock salt 

In accordance with The Crawford College of Art and Design Degree ShowWe Do Not Leave Pyramids, Cork, Ireland 

Photographer: Dan

Costume Designer: Muireann Doyle 

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